How To Secure A Job As An International Student in Canada

Out of the 4.6 million plus foreign Universities and College students in the world according to UNESCO, Canada accounts for about 10% of the total share. As a result of the large percentage of students trooping in from Asia, Europe, and Africa to study into the North American nation, it is ranked third among the top 10 countries that host the largest shares of international students. And with students from India alone recently surpassing those from the Chinese populace, competition is high.

As a foreign student in Canada, seeing as the statistics are really surging high by the minute, you might be forgiven to think that the odds are against you when it comes to studying and working simultaneously. You are not alone on this. Looking to get a job with pay to serve as some sort of financial cushion for expenses during your study in a foreign country is pretty understandable. We are here to help with our free resume downloadable on our new intuitive app.

To make your job search a lot easier and get you ahead of the already stiff competition for spaces, we have compiled useful tips and some others about study and work permits – can apply here – that will go along way in easing your way into the Canadian workforce alongside focusing on your education.

Academic and Local Reference

The Canadian workforce culture is a lot inclined in the way of your soft skills, ability to communicate effectively, and local reference than your academic qualification or degree – note that this is what got you the interview in the first place – because reference from a local citizen or professor will go a long way in helping you land the job.


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